Creation/Evolution Info Center
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If you’ve watched a nature show on TV, visited a science museum, or read a science book at a public school, you’ve probably run into statements such as "This animal evolved more than 30 million years ago." But the Bible says that God created us and the rest of this world just a few thousand years ago. How can we make sense of the conflicting ideas about how our world began?

The Web sites below show how the facts of nature support the Bible’s teaching about creation. You’ll find some sites with fun puzzles and stories, and others with in-depth information that can help if you’re doing a project for school.

Please keep in mind that scientists who believe in God have many different ideas about how the evidence we see in nature fits with the Bible. Also, most of these sites do not reflect a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. We may never know the answers to some of our questions about nature until we get to heaven! Won’t it be fun to hear God explain how He created everything?

Fun for Kids

Kids Answers

Watch videos, try your skill with puzzles and crafts, and discover fun facts about fascinating animals.

Project Creation

Here you’ll find articles, puzzles, and pictures to color.

Discover Creation

Learn about amazing creatures such as sea slugs and bombardier beetles.

Jonathan Park Radio Dramas

These radio dramas feature 10-year-old Jonathan’s adventures as he discovers truths about creation.

Creation Museum

Visit this biblically based museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.


In the Beginning

Follow Matt and Tiffany as they travel around the country searching for answers about creation and evolution.

The Creation Story

Genesis 1 comes to life in this animated video.

Answers in Genesis

Download free e-books about creation and evolution.

Creation Science

Learn about evidences for creation and problems with the theory of evolution.

Institute for Creation Research

Read about amazing creatures from honeybees to geckos to pterosaurs.

Ellen White's Perspective

What does Ellen White say about earth's creation and the Flood?

Canyon Ministries

How does a creationist explain the Grand Canyon?

Creation Illustrated

This magazine about creation features beautiful photos and inspiring articles.