Guide Chat Offline 2022
by Administrator

The Chat is currently offline. But look below for the next time you can interact with Seventh-day Adventist juniors and earliteens from around the world and have fun making new friends.


When is the chat open?
Chat Rules: Read and follow!
Become a Moderator

When is the chat open?

The Guide chat room is open only when adult moderators are online for supervision. The next scheduled time is:
Friday, 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time

If you don’t live in the Eastern Time Zone in the eastern U.S./Canada, you will need to adjust for your local time. Uncle Andy, our head moderator, has created a page to help you figure this out. See when upcoming chat times are.

When the chat is open, "Online" will appear by the chat icon in the top menu. Click there and you'll see the link to the chat on this page.

Chat Rules

These rules help to keep the chat safe and enjoyable for everyone. Thanks for following them!

1. Don’t give out or ask for personal information or contact info--your full name, e-mail address, phone number, home city, church or school you attend, etc. This is very important for your safety. It's OK to say your first name, home state/country, age, and grade in school.

2. Don’t post web addresses or usernames for other Web sites in the chat room. If you want to share a Web link, you can do so in the discussion board.

3. Be kind and respectful in your conversations. The Guide chat room is a place to find positive, encouraging friends.

4. The Guide chat software automatically filters out profanity and obscenity, so don’t bother using it!

5. Don't be obnoxious--don't "flood" the chat by typing the same thing repeatedly; don't use text colors that others can't read.

6. If a specific activity (Bible study, trivia game, etc.) is planned for a particular chat session or room, participate in the activity and don't distract others with random topics.

7. Most chats take place during Sabbath--a great day to think about God and His Word, enjoy nature, build good relationships with friends and family, serve others, share our faith, and take a break from school and other everyday activities. Focus your conversation on topics that fit with the purpose of Sabbath.

8. The Guide chat room is monitored by adult moderators. You are responsible for following all moderator instructions. The chat moderators will warn or remove anyone who breaks the rules or causes other problems in the chat. (Keep in mind that our moderators are volunteers. Please let them know you appreciate them!)

9. The chat room is dedicated to Jesus. Let's honor Him by our behavior.

10. Have fun!

Become a Moderator

Would you like to help with the CyberClub chat? You can be a CLT Officer (Chat Launch Team) and help with activities and offer positive Christian leadership for their peers in the chat room. For safety, there is always an adult moderator (age 18+) in each room. Moderators help guide the discussion, lead out in activities, and enforce chat rules when needed. Caring adults are encouraged to join the moderator team and help point young people toward Christ through the chat ministry.

CLT Officer Application (ages 10-17)
Moderator Application (ages 18 and up)