Lori Futcher Takes on Guide
by Kim Peckham

Lori Futcher with her cat

Here's a chance to get the deets on the new Guide editor, Lori Futcher.

Where were you born ? Corona, California—but I don’t remember much of it because we moved around a lot when I was a kid.

Describe yourself. I am thoroughly in love with life and with the God who gave me this amazing life. For many years, I was sick—too sick to work. But God was good and gave me small ways I could continue to serve Him and live as full of a life as possible. Now, my illness is controlled enough that I am able to return to work, and I’m working the very job I started dreaming about at the age of 8!

How did you meet your spouse? OK, so we first met at a young adult vespers. I liked him right away, and apparently the feeling was mutual. (I later learned he had overheard me give another girl my phone number and he wrote it in his address book.) But soon after that, he went with the band he played in to a Pathfinder Camporee and was gone for a while. Before he came back, our young adult group had started meeting at a new location, which he didn’t know about. But one of my friends heard that his band was having a concert at a local high school. Since she had a crush on the drummer, she begged me to take her. Afterward, she wanted to volunteer to clean up. I waved at Robby, but he didn’t wave back. He didn’t recognize me! I was mortified. I wanted to go home, but my friend was so focused on the drummer that she didn’t pay any attention to me when I said I wanted to leave. Meanwhile, the sound guy asked me to pick up microphones. Okay, I told myself. If I’m going to be stuck here, I’m going to play it cool and pretend I wasn’t just mortified. I went to the stage to pick up microphones and started laughing and joking with the other guys in the band. Well, I have a unique laugh. And Robby recognized it right away. We started talking and chatted for the next two hours.

When you were Guide age, what did you want to be when you grew up? In addition to wanting to write for (and maybe edit) Guide, I had dreams of being a teacher.

What was your first job? I delivered a weekly newspaper when I was Guide age. I guess you could say I’ve been in publishing for a long time!

Can you plan an instrument ? I took lessons for a lot of instruments but am not musically talented. My family is, though. My husband plays the guitar and bass guitar. My son plays the saxophone and bass guitar. And my daughter plays the clarinet and flute.

What was your favorite subject in school? English and Bible

Would you ever go back and relive your teenage years? Only if I could do so with the knowledge that the years since then have given me.

What is your favorite veggie food item? I love Fri-Chick!

What is it like working for Guide? It is truly a dream come true! I get to read all the incredible stories that fill the magazine’s pages and work with a fabulous creative team to put those stories together in a fun magazine.

What's your favorite Bible story? I just love the story of Joseph. I love how God took someone who’s life that seemed to be going oh-so-wrong and work everything out so that Joseph was blessed beyond his wildest dreams.

Who is your favorite music artist? I enjoy Laura Story. Her song “Blessings” carried me through the rough years of my illness.

Do you speak any other languages? If so, which ones? I enjoy learning a few words in various languages and, every once in a while, I get the courage to try those languages out. But if I speak to you in your native tongue, you may still want to respond in English or I probably won’t understand what you’re saying.

Summer, spring, fall, or winter? Summer

What is your favorite color? There is some debate as to whether the specific color I love is called garnet or magenta. It’s kind of a pinkish purple.

What’s an annoying habit you can’t break? Talking too much!

What’s your secret talent? It’s so secret that I don’t even know. But if you figure it out, please tell me!

Do you have pets? Yes, we have a large loveable dog named Jackson. He’s part lab and part Saint Bernard. We also have a gray striped cat named Alley (get it, Alley Cat?), and just bought a hyper Australian Shephard puppy named Bahama.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring only three items, what would they be? Can they be people? I’d definitely bring my husband, son, and daughter. Not only do I love them very much, but they’ve got great survival skills, which would come in handy.

If you were president for a day, what would you change? I would want to rid the world of hate, but that’s not something even a president really has the power to do. (Though every one of us, presidents and regular people, can be good examples of Christian love to those around us.)

What’s the best piece of advice your mom has ever given you? She bought me a pin that said, “I may not do great things, but I can do small things in a great way.” This has become my philosophy of life. Turns out some of my small things wound up being great after all!

Can you change a car tire? I got the mechanics Pathfinder honor, so if I ever needed to, I probably could.

What’s the most amazing thing God’s ever done for you? Besides helping me live a full life despite my illness, I would say saving our home and family when a tornado hit our neighborhood. “Hold us Jesus,” was my repeated prayer as we heard it passing overhead. Twelve houses in our neighborhood were destroyed. The next day my pilot cousin sent a picture of what our neighborhood looked like from his plane. There was destruction everywhere—except in one small corner where it looked like a God-sized hand had covered our house.

What is your favorite Bible verse? Romans 8:28

How did you first become acquainted with Guide? My mother was a big fan of Guide, and even wrote for the magazine on occasion. Before I was born, she began collecting all the issues. By the time I was old enough to appreciate the stories, she had a couple boxes of Guide magazines that she gave me, which I enjoyed “binge” reading.