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Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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Welcome to the Guide Discussion Board. It's a place to share your experiences and opinions. CyberClub members can post responses to topics or add topics of their own. Be sure to read and follow the discussion board rules (click on the Rules tab). If you are not already a member of the CyberClub, you can join by using the link at the top right.
Facing an especially tough situation? Get advice here.
621 Topics 7208 Replies
by Cool Cat
32 minutes ago
143 Topics 1518 Replies
Last Post: Who are we?
by emmy01
3 days 48 minutes ago
176 Topics 2632 Replies
Last Post: Women Pastors?
by missionarykid
3 days 11 hours ago
208 Topics 2686 Replies
by TravelPastel
2 days 7 hours ago
148 Topics 1667 Replies
by Stverno
5 hours 37 minutes ago
307 Topics 2491 Replies
by mittens92999
1 day 1 hour ago
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by Kwesi
3 days 4 hours ago
481 Topics 5271 Replies
by emmykitty
44 minutes ago
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Last Post: Watersports
by 20awesome00
1 day 15 hours ago
Friend shout-outs, new people looking for friends, "about me," etc.
345 Topics 4636 Replies
Last Post: Thanks!
by SirGeneralCliche
22 hours 42 minutes ago
Get answers to your questions about God's creation.
134 Topics 1674 Replies
Last Post: Evolution
by Stverno
5 hours 44 minutes ago
Discuss entertainment issues from a Christian perspective.
338 Topics 2770 Replies
Last Post: Star Wars :3
by maplesyruphotel9
1 day 5 hours ago
135 Topics 971 Replies
by TravelPastel
3 weeks 14 hours ago
191 Topics 1199 Replies
by jGod8865
3 days 5 hours ago
Answer the weekly "Here's What I Think" question from the earliteen Sabbath school lesson.
276 Topics 882 Replies
by Bikerider11
6 days 8 minutes ago
83 Topics 1058 Replies
by 20awesome00
5 days 17 hours ago
168 Topics 1787 Replies
Last Post: TESTING :(
by Blue Tornado
1 month 3 weeks ago
Your questions about sports, athletes, and dealing with situations on the field.
127 Topics 1008 Replies
Last Post: Favourite Sport??
by SirGeneralCliche
1 day 21 hours ago
The place for topics that don't seem to fit anywhere else
1540 Topics 19.1k Replies
by Cool Cat
33 minutes ago
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